Call Flow builds its own broadband infrastructure using cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques. Call Flow is passionate about giving every home and business the opportunity to access superfast and ultrafast broadband.

Serving the ‘hard-to-reach’ areas

Call Flow’s business was founded on the principle that no area or premises should be too hard to reach with broadband infrastructure. We recognised that areas in Kent were being excluded from accessing digital services whilst fast broadband services were rolled out elsewhere in the more densely populated parts of the UK.

For over 15 years, Call Flow has used its engineering and technical expertise to deploy a variety of technologies and innovative techniques to reach as many premises as possible within its coverage areas. Typically, these premises have been left out of the major operators’ superfast broadband investments, because they had been judged as too expensive to reach.

These days, all our new infrastructure is pure fibre – that’s a fibre connection all the way to the premises; we believe that all homes and businesses should now be preparing for pure fibre-to-the-premises solutions to future-proof their digital connectivity.

There are 3 main broadband access technologies within Call Flow’s network.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Call Flow has embarked on an ambitious FTTP network build programme and is deploying pure fibre optic connections all the way to the premises. We are installing a next generation technology from our partner Adtran, which is the first deployment of its type in the UK, and provides a truly future-proof solution. The final connection from our Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) is via underground duct or overhead telegraph pole. Call Flow offers broadband packages starting at 300 Mbit/s and up to 1 Gbit/s over these FTTP networks. The infrastructure can support even higher speeds, so we are confident that our infrastructure can meet the demands of the future too.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

We have installed our own fibre-fed street cabinets – these are the green boxes visible on the side of our roads and streets. Your broadband service travels over our own fibre optic connections as far as the cabinet, with the final connection made over your existing copper telephone line. It means that our FTTC broadband service travels only the distance from your local street cabinet to your premises, instead of travelling all the way from the exchange. This is significant when talking about broadband speeds because the further the distance travelled over copper the slower your speed.

The advantage of using our own cabinet infrastructure and network instead of BT Openreach infrastructure is that Call Flow can decide which areas it can cover with FTTC, and does not have to wait for BT Openreach to upgrade its cabinets. The major ISPs such as SKY and Talk Talk can only provide superfast broadband from cabinets that BT Openreach has upgraded for its BT Infinity services. Call Flow offers speeds up to 100 Mbit/s on its FTTC infrastructure.

Radio/Wireless Solutions (FWA)

We are determined to bring superfast broadband speeds to the premises that have been excluded from the major providers’ broadband investments.  Our radio broadband has been an important part of this mission, and our coverage area spans large areas of Kent and into Hampshire.  These networks support speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s to each connection. For areas that our fibre network doesn’t currently reach, FWA often provides a vast improvement on the speeds that customers can access over their copper telephone lines.


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