Call Flow offer a unique hybrid of broadband solutions to it’s ever expanding network. This allows the latest, advanced technology to be used to create future proof solutions from the “last 5%” of rural villages all the way to urban, built up cities.

Fibre to the Cabinet

Call Flow have installed our very own fibre fed street cabinets, they are those green boxes on the sides of roads and that is what feeds your broadband connection. It means that our broadband service only travels from your local street cabinet instead of travelling all the way from the exchange which is why you may have slow or no speeds at all with your current provider. Our own infrastructure means Call Flow can offer your location faster speeds compared to other providers.

Radio/Wireless Solutions

With the ever growing success of Call Flow’s Superfast Fibre network, our network reach is expanding day by day. Our radio broadband coverage now spans across large areas of Kent and into East Sussex, and Hampshire providing Superfast broadband capabilities to areas where traditional methods just can’t deliver. Like our Fibre Broadband, Call Flow can offer speeds of up to 25Mbps/30Mbps to each individual broadband connection. For areas where our fibre network doesn’t reach, Radio Broadband provides the perfect alternative. We use Radwin technology providing superfast speeds and heaps of capacity which makes it the perfect supplier for Call Flow’s network.

Fibre to the Premise/House

Fibre to the Premises or Fibre to the House (FTTP/FTTH) provides a pure fibre optic connection all the way to your premises through overhead telegraph poles or underground ducts. Fibre To The House is 100% fibre optic and offers ultrafast speeds which in turn significantly improves the performance of your internet connection and the speed of uploading and downloading. The advance technology makes it the ideal future-proof solution.


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