Home Broadband

See what it’s like in the much, much faster lane

  • Flawless live video streaming that never drops the ball or falls behind when you're watching sport and entertainment TV.

  • Crystal-clear video calling. Staying in touch with friends and relatives is easier and more enjoyable.

  • Liberate yourself from CD stacks and never miss a beat — stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop instead.

  • No long-distance call centres: you benefit from a friendly, local customer support team.

  • No usage limits and no peak time slow-downs — everyone in the house can get online at the same time.

  • The faster, more responsive capabilities take online gaming to another dimension.

We’ll bring you up to speed

  • The bandwidth or speed of your broadband connection can be measured in Mbit/s or ‘Megabits per second’
  • The higher your Mbit/s internet connection, the faster and more seamless your internet devices will workyoung man holding game controller playing video games

Depending on the current broadband speed available over your copper telephone line, an upgrade to ultrafast or superfast broadband could transform your online experience:

  • Download movies in seconds
  • Say bye-bye to buffering on Netflix, iPlayer and other on-demand video services
  • Use multiple devices in the house at the same time

“Superfast broadband with Call Flow has completely changed family life, the traditional Saturday Movie Night now actually happens before 11pm because the film downloads in seconds instead of hours!”

A range to suit you

  • We offer a range of residential broadband with or without a telephone line to suit your household
  • We provide speeds up to 1,000 Mbit/s
  • Usage allowances start from 100GB per month to unlimited

Our network is ours

We own our fibre optic cables, our street cabinets and our radio transmitters. This advanced technology is able to deliver the demands of an increasingly digitised future, today.

The convenience of local

Family using skype in home office

We’re a local company, with local installation teams and a local workforce. Plus, you won’t deal with a long-distance call centre because our customer support teams are local too.

High speed broadband for all

We believe that everyone deserves access to a fast and future-proof internet connection (not just the areas that are easy or cheap to build to). Our people are passionate about bringing state-of-the-art connections to as many homes and businesses in our area as possible, that aren’t being upgraded by the large operators and ISPs.

Check your address now to see if Call Flow has a fibre broadband solution for you.

Please note that a registered business is not permitted under the Call Flow terms and conditions to take out a Home Broadband Agreement. Call Flow reserves the right to reject an order it suspects is for business use. We offer a range of ultrafast and superfast broadband services for business use.