Our Technology Partners

Call Flow works with best-in-class suppliers and is a member of Linx (The London Internet Exchange), the global leader of Internet Exchange Points. Its key equipment partners are:


Call Flow has selected ADTRAN’s XGS-PON solution to become the first UK operator to deploy the emerging XGS-PON architecture to support its Gigabit broadband services. Call Flow is using ADTRAN’s next generation 10Gbps FTTP solution; by selecting this cutting-edge technology Call Flow will ensure that its FTTP investments are truly future-proof to deal with the expected surge in bandwidth and data requirements in the decades ahead.

See the ADTRAN press release here: Gigabit Britain Moves Closer to a Reality as Call Flow Deploys ADTRAN-Powered 10Gbps FTTP Infrastructure


Call Flow works closely with Huawei supplying the most advanced technology within its FTTC infrastructure.

“Call Flow Solutions (www.callflow.co.uk) are one of the UK’s leading independent fibre network providers to the rural community, providing last mile connectivity into hard to reach areas not served by the major telecoms companies. Andy Conibere, MD of Call Flow Solutions, based in Kent, saw the opportunity to grow his business with Huawei as the world leader in broadband enablement and a very strong understanding of BDUK and Rural Broadband challenges delivered a partnership that works. Call flow are continuing to utilise a greater breadth of Huawei platforms to enable them to offer an end to end solution from fibre VDSL phone lines, and GPON to radio and eventually G.fast, positioning Call Flow Solutions as a major force outside the larger telecoms operators. Call Flow Solutions are ideally positioned to be the leading independent fibre provider to the rural community, whilst leveraging their network growth into the next generation of platforms such as communal wifi, smart lighting, and smart city eco systems.”

Chris Hill | Sales Director | UK Enterprise Business Group.