Call Flow Launch Into Fairseat!

Come see us at our launch event in Fairseat to welcome a new age of superfast fibre broadband into the area!


When?: Tuesday 22nd November, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Where?: Fairseat Village Hall

Why?: To let you know all about Call Flow’s superfast fibre broadband service! We will be offering a fibre to the cabinet service with speeds of up to 100Mbps for both residents and businesses!


Still unsure whether you should upgrade to superfast fibre?

Not only benefiting from Call Flow’s UK based support team you will also see a huge difference at home or work with less complaints from the family or colleagues!


Take full advantage from movies downloading faster than ever before, no more buffering when binge watching your favorite TV programmes across all live streaming and catch up services!


Do a lot of gaming? A faster, more reliable internet connection will now have faster responsiveness and less lag!


Don’t even get us started on how it will change homework time!


Video calling with a clear picture and sound means you can now stay in touch with distant relatives and friends anytime of the day or night.


Multiple devices can access the Wi-Fi at once so the whole family can receive uninterrupted internet access!


Get future ready for all those new gadgets bough at Christmas time and the highly anticipated 4K TV’s!


What more could you want from your fibre broadband? Come see us for more information and check your postcode online now!


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