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Trooli is here

Trooli is here

We’re not the only ones to be excited about the launch of Trooli. Our customers are over the moon about our new full fibre broadband too.

Full fibre broadband like ours is currently available to 4% of premises in the UK. Previously, Kent towns and villages have been among the last in the UK to receive broadband upgrades. We’re more than happy to be making them a priority and offering them Trooli first.

Trooli currently supports ultra fast broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbits/s (or 1000Mbit/s) to each home or office. But we’re not stopping there. The next-generation 10 Gbps technology will enable our infrastructure to support even higher speeds, making sure the network can meet the expected surge in bandwidth and data demands in the future.

Trooli doesn’t do anything slowly, so as you’d expect, the network is expanding to more and more premises every month. See where Trooli is already and where it’s going next.

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