Fair and Acceptable Use

What is the Fair and Acceptable Use Policy?

Our full Fair and Acceptable Use Policy is available for download here. It covers:

  • Fair use. This is about how much data you are uploading and downloading using our services.
  • Acceptable use. This is about prohibited activities and the misuse of our services and equipment. We only use this policy in severe cases of misuse, where a customer’s connection is being used for purposes that are illegal, unlawful or adversely affecting other Internet users.

Guidance for Unlimited packages

We want to make sure our service is fair for everybody. In the past, Call Flow has applied data usage caps on all broadband packages to ensure that the cost of supporting the heaviest users is distributed fairly. However, unlimited monthly data usage is important to many of our customers, and we now provide this option. Unless we have agreed otherwise with you, Call Flow Unlimited usage packages do not have a usage cap, and Call Flow will never use traffic management to slow down your service.

Guidance for capped usage packages

If you have a package with a data usage cap, you will be charged at the current rate per GB of data over the agreed limit, which is set out in your Service Confirmation. All our customers can track their usage – please see our Support Guide on reviewing your data usage.