Calling Features

Monthly Optional Call Features

Standard 1571

This feature answers calls when you’re away from the phone or engage on another call. This is included as standard with line rental, to add a greeting is just 50p per month.

Number Withheld

Prevent the person you are calling from seeing your phone number. This is included as standard with line rental.

Caller Display

This feature shows the number of the person who is calling you and can be added on for as little as £1.80 per month.

Call Diversion

Divert your calls to your mobile or another phone for just £3.00 per month.

Anonymous Call Reject

This features stops calls being received from withheld numbers and costs £4.00 per month.

3 Way Calling

This features allows three people to be on the phone in one conversation for £2.50 per month.

Call Minder

For £3.00 a month you can retrieve your answer phone messages from any phone, anywhere, at anytime!

Call Sign

Have a different ring tone and an extra number so you can make sure the right person answers the phone, this features costs £2.50 a month.

Call Waiting

For £2.50 a month this features tells you when other people are trying to ring you whilst you are on the phone.

Ring Back

If you make a call to an engaged number just press 5 and the feature will call you when the number has become free and available. Just £1.80 per month!

Choose to Refuse

This feature allows you to stop up to 10 unwanted numbers getting through to call you, this feature costs £3.75 a month.

Reminder Call

For £2.50 the reminder call acts like an alarm clock on your phone and will ring when it is programmed too!

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