About Us

Call Flow Solutions Limited Superfast Broadband Providers in Kent, East Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire! 

  • One of the largest providers of SLU (sub-loop unbundling) in the UK

  • Established in 2002 we are a long standing broadband and telecoms company in Southern England with a reputation for delivering superfast broadband.

Call Flow Solutions Limited

Call Flow was established in 2002 in Kent by, Andrew Conibere, an engineer who had accumulated the knowledge and skills to build Call Flow’s own network and infrastructure now in Kent, East Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

As the years have passed Call Flow have adapted to the growing and demanding market of broadband, (we see superfast broadband as a necessity in todays modern world). So in 2010 we refocused our offering to rural villages where BT Infinity cannot reach and we decided to complete it with 100% coverage.  Call Flow has now become one of the UK’s largest providers of SLU. We provide radio coverage for hard to reach areas called “not spots”. We are expanding their hybrid of broadband offering through future proof Fibre to the Home/Premises offering speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

Our head office and support team are all based in East Peckham, Kent and aim to provide the highest level of service and customer care. We treat every customer as an individual and strive to provide an outstanding level of service.

Call Flow work closely within the communities where we provide broadband and strive to help local public buildings such as village halls get connected and bring people together. Check out our coverage here.

Call Flow’s unique hybrid approach to rural superfast broadband

There is no such thing as a typical rural area and this is why Call Flow combines its wide-ranging technical and practical capabilities to offer a flexible solution for superfast broadband in the hardest to reach areas.

Call Flow is committed to improving broadband services in rural areas and builds its own fibre links using existing infrastructure such as ducts and poles, or by building its own new infrastructure and on new poles or trenches.

  • Call Flow has been providing innovative local superfast broadband solutions for 15 years with proven commercial, technical and financial capabilities.
  • Call Flow deploys its infrastructure rapidly in rural areas.
  • Call Flow has end-to-end interactions that look and feel like a national ISP.
  • Call Flow is the UK’s leading Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU) operator and Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) operator.
  • Call Flow has successful self-funded networks and privately commissioned networks in three counties.

Call Flow Solutions Limited Superfast Broadband Providers