How to enable parental controls on billion routers

Our Billion routers have the option to enable Parental Controls over your internet connection.

Use our guide on how to enable Parental Controls using your internet Connection


1) Go to and register an account

2) Once registered, log into OpenDNS.

3) Click on the ‘Settings’ tab along the top.

4)  Take note of your IP address

5) Enter your IP address into the box in the middle of the page. Please note: your IP address may be automatically entered, if so, skip step 5.


7) Enter a friendly name and ensure the ‘Yes, it is Dynamic’ tick box is selected then click ‘Done’.

You do not need to download the OpenDNS. Updater for the service to work, it is an optional feature.

8) To select the level of security for your network, choose your IP address from the drop down menu.

9) Choose your suitable level of filtering and click Apply. Once your filtering account is setup, you need to apply this on your Billion router.

10) Hardwire a device into your ‘LAN1’ port on the back of your router. Please note: You will need an ethernet cable which is supplied with your Billion router.

11) Open your Internet Browser

12) In the address bar at the top enter is your router default IP address)

13)  The username and password are both admin. Please note: if point 4 does not work, contact Call Flow Solutions.

14) Click on ‘Configuration’ down the left hand side

15) Click on ‘Security’

16) Click on ‘Parental Control Provider’ 9. Enter the following details:

  • Hostname: OpenDNS
  • Username: (Email address you created on OpenDNS website, refer to point 1 at the start of the guide)
  • Password: (Password you created on OpenDNS website, refer to point 1 at the start of the guide)

17) Click Apply

18) Click on ‘WAN’ down the left hand side

  • Dependant on whether you are a Radio customer (Aerial installed) or a Fibre customer
  • (Fed via telephone line) this option will be different. Look at the column named ‘Description’. If you are a Radio customer you need to be looking at ‘EWAN’. If you are Fibre customer you need to be looking at ‘VDSL’.

19) Click ‘Edit’ against your appropriate option.

20) Now select ‘Parent Controls’


21) Scroll down and click Apply, then close your Internet Browser.

22) Reboot your router by disconnecting the power for 10 seconds and plug back in.

23) Now test a webpage that you require to be blocked.

Please note:

  • If your router gets factory reset (pin in the back) once OpenDNS has been setup, your router will pick up a new IP address which means OpenDNS will need to find your new IP address so it can continue blocking websites, this can take up to 10 minutes, so please just wait.
  • If you attempt to change the level of security whilst the router is powered on with an internet connection, you may need to switch off your router for 10 seconds, and then turn it back on for changes to take effect.