What does the installation involve and how long will it take?

The entire process from order to installation to the external wall of your premises typically takes 4 weeks.

Your new fibre optic connection will be built in two stages: the External Installation and the Internal Installation. You can download a guide to the installation process here.

Stage 1: The The External Installation

The External Installation is completed by Call Flow. This brings the fibre optic cable up to the outside of your premises (what we call the ‘External Demarcation Point’). It will be adjacent to the location that your current copper telephone cable enters your premises. We install a small box onto your external wall, and our fibre optic cable is connected into this box.

The box will look similar the image below. The dimensions of the box are: Width: 125mm Height: 180mm Depth: 40mm.

Stage 2: The Internal Installation

The Internal Installation extends the fibre optic cable to a suitable location for your optical terminating equipment (modem) and router.

A hole will be drilled through your external wall next to the small box that was installed during Stage 1, and an internal fibre optic cable (provided by Call Flow) is routed from the outside box to the internal equipment location.  You have two options to perform this Internal Installation:

  • Option 1: Independent Internal Installation
  • Option 2: Call Flow Approved Internal Installation.

Please refer to our FTTP Installation Guide for information on these two options. Pricing for the Call Flow Approved Internal Installation is set out in our Price Guide.