Will there be any loss in service during the transfer of line and broadband?

Your line is on the BT Openreach network

If your telephone line is on the BT Openreach network then the answer is no. Your telephone service will change over without any interruption. All transfers are made on a “like for like” basis, so you can expect to keep all your existing services including your telephone number. With the broadband this will also switch over seamlessly. The only downtime you may get would be when the engineer does the work at the cabinet which would be no longer than 30 minutes.

Your line is not on the BT Openreach network e.g. you are currently with TalkTalk or Sky

If your telephone line is not on the BT Openreach network then we will need to apply to take your line over and transfer it back to the BT network.

Once your line has transferred to us, which will take 10 working days from the order being committed. Your current broadband service will cease, but as we will have placed your broadband order in the meantime, your broadband service will go live the next working day. Please note you will be without a working broadband service for between 1 and 3 days. Your current provider will be notified of the transfer order and should contact you to confirm the dates. However,we would advise that you contact them once your services are live with Call Flow to confirm that your account with them has been cancelled.
Before we place your order, we would ask you the following:
•           You require a listing in the BT Phone Book for your telephone number?
•           There are any services on your telephone line you wish to retain such as Answer 1571/Caller Display?