How long does it take to switch my telephone line over to Call Flow?

Bundled (your line is on the BT Openreach network)

If your telephone line is bundled it means that Call Flow can apply to take over your telephone line as a “like for like” transfer, meaning there will be no disruption to your telephone line. To transfer this to us it can take around 10 working days. All your current call features will be taken over and will remain unless you inform us otherwise.

Unbundled (your line is not on the BT Openreach network e.g. TalkTalk or Sky)

If your line is unbundled it means Call Flow will need to transfer it back to the Openreach network. You will lose any calling features you currently have and would need to let us know if you wanted any added. This can around 10 working days to revert the line back and then we would place the SLU broadband on this line.