What is the effective distance of my house from the new Call Flow cabinet in Bighton? 

As the crow flies it is probably over 2km, but the route and line condition is not exactly known.

  • The line length to the first house on the North side of Gundleton (Redcote) is about 1.2km
  • The line length to the last house to the SW of Gundleton is about 1.75km and to the last house to the East (Woodlands) is about 1.7km
  • Download speeds experienced in the main part of Gundleton should be between 15M bps and 24M bps depending on the distance and line quality.
  • Call Flow’s new postcode checker will be able to provide a speed estimate before you order.  This estimate is based on BT’s recorded line lengths and not ‘as the crow flies’.