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Call Flow One Telecoms Tariff

Please click here for more details on the Call Flow One Telecoms Tariff. Call Flow 1 Tariff

Do I need to take line rental when taking Call Flow business broadband?

Depending on how your broadband is fed, line rental is not required on these packages. When connections are fed via a cabinet a working line on the Openreach network is required.

How much does it cost to call international mobiles and landlines?

My internet with you is not provided over the telephone line, do I need to take line rental with you?

When taking our radio or fibre to the premise service line rental is not mandatory but the package price stays the same i.e the number including line rental on the order form.

I have had a letter from my current provider advising that you are not taking over my telephone line, why?

As part of the switch and go live process Call Flow start by applying to take over your broadband which takes around 10 working days. Once this is live we apply to take over your telephone line. This is why you may have a letter advising you that they will be keeping your telephone line service as we would not have applied to take this- yet.

I am moving into a new house and unsure if there is a telephone line there, what do I do?

We would first ask you to supply us with your new property address and we would carry out a few checks on our internal systems to find out what lines are at the property, if any. We would then advise the next stage which could be a new line needing to be installed at £90 including VAT.

How long does it take to switch my telephone line over to Call Flow?

Bundled (your line is on the BT Openreach network)

If your telephone line is bundled it means that Call Flow can apply to take over your telephone line as a “like for like” transfer, meaning there will be no disruption to your telephone line. To transfer this to us it can take around 10 working days. All your current call features will be taken over and will remain unless you inform us otherwise.

Unbundled (your line is not on the BT Openreach network e.g. TalkTalk or Sky)

If your line is unbundled it means Call Flow will need to transfer it back to the Openreach network. You will lose any calling features you currently have and would need to let us know if you wanted any added. This can around 10 working days to revert the line back and then we would place the SLU broadband on this line.

I want to keep my telephone line. Can you take this over so I only get a single bill for broadband and telephone line?

Yes, of course you can. Contact us on [email protected] quoting your account number and the number you would like to transfer. The transfer will take up to 10 working days.

Can I keep my phone number?

Whenever possible we’ll try and keep your current phone number. However, in some cases we can’t transfer numbers i.e when you are moving address to a different exchange area. If you can’t keep your number we’ll let you know before you switch to us.

How much do calls cost?

Calls cost depending on what package you have chosen. Check out our telecoms page for more information.

How much is line rental?

£12.00 line only rental.

What is considered as daytime, evening and weekend?

Your phone package will include calls to UK landlines at certain times of day:

  • Daytime is 7am–7pm
  • Evening is 7pm– 7am
  • Weekend is all day Saturday and Sunday (midnight Friday to midnight Sunday).

What happens if there’s a fault on my Telephone Line?

If you are experiencing problems with your telephone line, Please find the link below to our recommended testing and form.

How to troubleshoot your telephone line

Will there be any loss in service during the transfer of line and broadband?

Your line is on the BT Openreach network

If your telephone line is on the BT Openreach network then the answer is no. Your telephone service will change over without any interruption. All transfers are made on a “like for like” basis, so you can expect to keep all your existing services including your telephone number. With the broadband this will also switch over seamlessly. The only downtime you may get would be when the engineer does the work at the cabinet which would be no longer than 30 minutes.

Your line is not on the BT Openreach network e.g. you are currently with TalkTalk or Sky

If your telephone line is not on the BT Openreach network then we will need to apply to take your line over and transfer it back to the BT network.

Once your line has transferred to us, which will take 10 working days from the order being committed. Your current broadband service will cease, but as we will have placed your broadband order in the meantime, your broadband service will go live the next working day. Please note you will be without a working broadband service for between 1 and 3 days. Your current provider will be notified of the transfer order and should contact you to confirm the dates. However,we would advise that you contact them once your services are live with Call Flow to confirm that your account with them has been cancelled.
Before we place your order, we would ask you the following:
•           You require a listing in the BT Phone Book for your telephone number?
•           There are any services on your telephone line you wish to retain such as Answer 1571/Caller Display?



What do I have to do to transfer to you for broadband and telephone?

Firstly you will need to complete our order form and direct debit mandate with your chosen broadband and telephone requirements. We will then be in contact with you to advise the order is being processed, the standard process is that we apply to take over your broadband which takes 10 working days and then once this is live we will apply to take over your telephone line which takes a further 10 working days.

In the meantime, your current provider will be notified of the transfer by us. It really is as simple as that!

Do we need to have a telephone line at the property to have your service?

Customers will need to have a working telephone line at the property as our service runs through the telephone line.

Customers may have a “stopped” line at the property and we would be able to restart this.

If they do not currently have one, then a new line will need to be installed prior to the broadband going live. We can arrange for this to be installed via Openreach which is £90 Inc VAT.

To find out please get in contact with us at [email protected]