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How do I know if my slow connection is caused by Wi-Fi issues?

You should test your speed by connecting a device to your router with an Ethernet cable, such as the one supplied with the Call Flow router. All other wired, ‘extender’ and wireless devices must be disconnected at the time of testing.

If you need assistance with this, or if the problems persist after testing with the wired connection, then please call our Helpdesk team on 0800 280 0590.

Call Flow will request that further testing is undertaken after the router has been reset to the configuration with which it was supplied. All such testing is designed to identify which side of the service demarcation point the issue lies i.e. the Customer side or Call Flow side.

Why am I not seeing the expected download speed on my device?

It is likely to be down to one of these two factors:

Device compatibility. Your laptop or other device may not be capable of supporting the download speed that is being delivered to your router. The general rule of thumb is the older your device the slower speeds you will see. To test your device speed connect it directly to the router using the Ethernet cable and run a speed test. Alternatively, you can ask your device manufacturer about the maximum speed capability for your particular device.

Wi-Fi constraints. The only way of guaranteeing the full potential broadband speed to is to use a wired connection between your router and the device. Any device that is connected wirelessly will be using Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi has limitations that affect the speed of the connection and these limitations exist for any wireless router on the market.

We want you to experience the best possible connection quality for devices from your broadband service and we regularly test our wireless routers against other routers on the market. Call Flow only selects equipment that has comparable performance to the most popular routers but does not guarantee the performance is greater or equal to all routers on the market, and Call Flow will not be responsible for wireless coverage from the router.

Radio waves can be blocked by walls and floors. Other objects and devices can interfere with the signal, including the likes of LED lights, microwaves and cordless phones, as well as nearby routers using the same wireless channel. Even the atmosphere can cause issues.  As you move around your home, you can see the strength of your Wi-Fi network connection fall and rise, affecting the speed accordingly. You may even have blackspots in your home where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach at all.

You can extend coverage using a variety of devices such as ‘powerline’ and ‘Wi-Fi extenders’, but Call Flow cannot offer any advice or support as to what might be the most suitable for individual circumstances.

Please note that in many cases Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared, this means the more devices you have using the same wireless signal, the slower all will perform. You can minimise this by ensuring your router is placed in the optimum position in your home, but it’s highly unlikely that you will achieve the same levels of stable performance that you will get from using a wired connection.

Will I need to cancel my broadband with my current provider?

As your new FTTP internet connection is fed via a new cable (not over your telephone line), you will need to cancel your current broadband with your service provider if it is no longer needed. Call Flow will not be able to do this for you. We advise that you do not cancel until our broadband is live and you are happy with the service.

My internet with you is not provided over the telephone line, do I need to take line rental with you?

When taking our radio or fibre to the premise service line rental is not mandatory but the package price stays the same i.e the number including line rental on the order form.

How can I be sure that the radio service will work from my location?

Prior to the Call Flow Broadband network rollout, detailed surveying is undertaken to ensure adequate radio coverage. During installation our engineers will perform sophisticated diagnostics to ensure the quality and speed of your internet connection will be 100% reliable. We can never guarantee 100% coverage, but we take no up-front fee, only charging after the installation is in and working. Therefore it is risk free to place an order for the service.

Does the equipment have to be mounted externally?

In most cases the equipment will need to be mounted externally. Wherever possible the equipment, which measures approximately 12” x 12” square, will be mounted on a chimney or the highest point of the property. Some installations that are very close to the main transmitter may be able to be internally mounted in the loft as long as sufficient signal quality can be achieved.

How long does the installation take?

The installation of our radio service takes around 1-2 hours.

What equipment is supplied?

The equipment provided includes the externally mounted radio equipments, a 30cm white diamond antenna, cabling and a small internal power supply unit. You will also receive a wireless router.

When will you be taking over my telephone line?

Once the radio engineer has confirmed your radio broadband has officially gone live we will apply to take over your telephone line the next working day.

What happens on “go live day” Radio Connections?

The working day before your install is due to take place one of our team will contact you via text message to remind you of your appointment. Depending on whether you have an AM or PM appointment an engineer will arrive at your property where they will need access to install the radio equipment and router (this means you will need to be present). The engineer will inform you of your download speeds and plug in your router for you.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

If you are not in when a radio engineer arrives, we will try to contact you using the contact numbers provided on your order form. Failing this we will mark this on our records as a cancelled appointment and you will be charged the installation fee only, we will make you aware of this via an email.

Why can you not estimate what likely speeds I will receive?

Radio broadband is determined on the day of the install due to distance of the property from the transmitter and line of sight. One of our engineers who attends the appointment, will let you know what download speeds you will receive. If the speeds are not sufficient we will walk away penalty free.

How long is the cable for the radio install?

Our standard cable lead is 30 metres long and anything longer than this will need to be quoted for and requested before install. This is to ensure we make available time in the diary and bring along the appropirate equipment.

When should I cancel my current broadband service when I am taking a radio service?

You would need to let your existing company know that you are cancelling and  moving your services elsewhere if you no longer require their services.

We would always advise customers to check with their existing provider before moving elsewhere, just to ensure that they don’t apply any hidden catches or leaving penalties.

I want to keep my telephone line. Can you take this over so I only get a single bill for broadband and telephone line?

Yes, of course you can. Contact us on [email protected] quoting your account number and the number you would like to transfer. The transfer will take up to 10 working days.