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Can I use my own router?

No -the Call Flow policy and terms and conditions state you are not permitted to use your own router on the Call Flow network.

Non-Call Flow equipment connected to the network is not supported in any way by Call Flow and we will not assist with any issues that are experienced as a result of using non-Call Flow equipment.

Paper Billing

We no longer provide paper billing services, but you can avoid the fee by emailing [email protected] and stopping your paper bills by switching to email billing.

Call Flow Engineer Charges

In the event of issues with your broadband connection, to avoid charges, Call Flow will endeavour to help you identify where the fault lies via our helpdesk i.e. if the fault is within our area of responsibility or the yours – termed the demarcation point. Call Flow’s demarcation points are:

1.       For customers who receive their service over their telephone line, it is a wired computer into the router*, with the router being plugged into the BT test socket via a microfilter supplied by Call Flow with no telephone connected.

2.       For customers who receive their service via radio, it is a wired computer into the router*. However, any damage to the cable from the aerial to the router including the aerials power unit remain the responsibility of the customer and damage to these are chargeable repairs.

3.       For customers who receive their service via fibre to the premises, it is a wired computer into the router*, with the router being plugged into the external fibre demarcation point (usually on the wall external to the property), using a Call Flow fibre patch lead i.e. not the ‘outside to inside’ fibre from this point that remains the responsibility of the customer.

*The router demarcation only applies to routers that are in warranty and have been reset to the current standard settings (with no customer configuration) as recommended by Call Flow.

All testing will be conducted with a Call Flow supplied computer wired directly into the router and with all customer wired connections removed and all wireless connections disabled to avoid ANY customer equipment impacting testing.

All issues beyond the Call Flow demarcation points indicated above are the responsibility of the customer.

Engineering visits can be agreed to prove which side of the demarcation a fault lies. Should the fault be proved to the customers side of the demarcation, the engineering visit will be chargeable at £120/hour + VAT for the first hour and £60+ VAT per hour thereafter.

It is important to note that an engineering visit will only seek to prove where the fault is in terms of the demarcation point.

Call Flow do not offer any service to assist customers with their wiring or devices etc.

Where the issue is broadband speeds, in advance of any visit, Call Flow will provide target speeds we expect to be achieved from the demarcation testing.  On-site speed tests will be conducted as outlined above, using www.speedtest.net  and we will take the average result from five speed tests to compare to the target speeds. If the results are within 20% of the target speeds, the visit will be chargeable.

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What happens to my BT internet email account when I stop having BT Broadband?

How long is the contract?

All of our broadband and line rental contracts are 18 months from your go live date and are only valid at the installation address i.e contracts are not transferable. After 18 months you will be on a rolling contract until you sign up to a new 18 month contract.

I am moving into a new house and unsure if there is a telephone line there, what do I do?

We would first ask you to supply us with your new property address and we would carry out a few checks on our internal systems to find out what lines are at the property, if any. We would then advise the next stage which could be a new line needing to be installed at £90 including VAT.

What are the benefits of a fixed IP?

An Internet Protocol address is a number associated to your account which identifies your devices when you come online which means you will be able to communicate with other computers. A static IP address from us means your computer is assigned a fixed, permanent address that is unique to you and does not change.

You will need a static IP address, if you want to:

  • Run your own FTP server
  • Run your own website/ Host your own website or domain name server
  • Host online gaming sessions
  • Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world via remote access, sometimes people with CCTV cameras need this and it also allows other computers can locate your computer anywhere across the internet

To find out more benefits of having a fixed IP please read an article on the broadbandchoices.co.uk website here.

How can I get the best wifi coverage?

Wi-Fi is susceptible to countless environmental factors. Radio waves can be blocked by walls and floors. Other wireless devices can interfere with the signal, including the likes of microwaves and cordless phones, as well as nearby routers using the same wireless channel. The age of devices can also have an effect on your speeds, the general rule of thumb is the older your device the slower speeds you will see. Even the atmosphere can cause issues. Call Flow are not responsible for wireless coverage. Customers can extend coverage using a variety of devices such as ‘powerline’ and ‘wi-fi extenders’, although Call Flow cannot offer any advice or support as to what might be the most suitable for individual circumstances.

Finding the best place for your router to live:

Our routers are strongest when you’re in line-of-sight.  Large dense obstacles like brick walls reduce its strength, and sources of electrical interference like cordless phones or radios.

Firstly, find your master telephone socket as this is the best socket to connect your router to. It’s usually closest to where the telephone line comes into your home or office. It is not necessary to have to connect your router to this one however you’ll get the best broadband performance from it, especially if you have a long line length from our cabinet. This is also the best home for your router if you’re having issues such as connection dropping.

WiFi Interference:

Your router as you may know uses radio signals to connect to devices, these can be interrupted by other electrical appliances in your home or work environment.  So its best to try and keep your router away from microwaves, fridges, baby monitors and other devices of this nature.

Wifi Channel:

If you’re having problems with your wireless, you should check it’s connected to a channel that’s as free as possible. You can use this guide on how to change your wireless channel.

I would like a Call Flow email address how much does this cost?

We no longer supply email addresses.

What happens if I’m still in contract when I move address?

If you are still in contract you will be liable to pay for the remainder of your contract term and will need to pay the termination charges.

What do I need to do if I move address?

If you are moving premises and wish to cancel your contract we require one months’ notice in writing. We will then arrange final billing and cancellation of your services. Our contracts are not transferable. Therefore, if you wish to have our services at your new address it would be a new contract.